Ready to invest in Orlando Florida? 

Like much of our nation, Orlando Florida's residential real estate market has experienced the yo-yo effect during the last ten years or so.  However, during the last couple of years it has become stabilized enough to encourage new growth and attract more international investors.  Real estate values are on the rise once again, having increased by 11.6% during the last 12-14 months or so and with the new economic growth many individuals see Orlando as the place to be.  With this influx of new residents, of whom many are still not ready to purchase, the rental market has grown stronger than ever before.  Rental properties are now in higher demand than ever before, causing rental rates to rise.  This is proving to be an alluring fact for domestic and foreign investors seeking to capitalize on this new area of opportunity.  Investors concentrate on just two major topics:  exactly how much their investment capital could grow and the monthly income they can look forward to receiving from their rental investment portfolio.

Data released in late 2014 showed that apartment rentals in Metropolitan Orlando saw average annual effective rent growth of 4.7% in Q3 2014 (compared with Q3 2013). The figures represent the strongest growth since Q3 2006 and are excellent news for rental property investors in the area. The data also revealed that occupancy rates were at their highest levels since Q2 2006, reaching 95.4% according to the latest figures.

Rising demand for high quality rental property is behind the growth in rents and occupancy.

Orlando is a vibrant and thriving city, with strong business credentials as well as its tourism offering. It’s a great place to live and work. The positive news in Orlando looks set to continue for some time to come. In terms of property prices, Zillow is projecting a solid growth rate of 4.2% over the year to November 2015, and strong demand for rental properties means that rents are expected to continue rising as well.

For real estate investors considering Orlando, the figures point to now being an excellent time to join those already involved in and profiting from the real estate market there. The beautiful state of Florida offers visitors and residents alike many wonderful reasons to love it.  The Sunshine State has reached a very high level of popularity among tourists and its residents.  During 2015 it is estimated that over 100 million visitors from all over the world are expected to come to Florida.  Many tourists from the Northern United States and especially Canada come to the state of Florida to enjoy the warmer and drier winters.  The Floridian summers are hot, humid and wet while the winter temperatures hardly ever fall below 15 degrees Celsius.  Before too long tourists begin to feel right at home in Florida and the idea of investing in or moving to Florida may become a consideration for them.  Florida has so much to offer people of all ages.

Central Florida Theme Parks and Attractions:

Disney World Resort and all their parks have so much entertainment to offer tourists and residents.  Magic Kingdom plays host to well over 50 million visitors yearly.  LEGOLAND, Universal Studios and SeaWorld in Orlando are all extremely popular with vacationers and people of all ages.


Florida offers 1,250 world class golf courses, many of them make it in the Top 100 Golf Courses in America.  If golfing is your idea of relaxation and entertainment, this is where you want to do it.

Shopping and Dining:

Some people like to think of shopping as a sport.  Well who are we to say otherwise!  Florida has numerous shopping malls with expensive department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdale's.  Throughout all of Florida, especially downtown Orlando, one will find many fine boutique and gift shops.  After a hard day of shopping, it's time to enjoy the local cuisine.  There is never a shortage of fine restaurants or local chains to choose from.

Beaches:  The beautiful state of Florida is famous for its pristine sandy beaches, three of which are among the Top 10 Beaches in the USA.  Even the wildlife love the beaches and once can see turtles coming on shore to lay their eggs in the soft warm sand.  Sunrises and sunsets are also more enchanting and romantic when viewed from the beaches.