Home Staging and Home Selling Tips 

For Your Home, Condo, Investment or Vacation Property During the Holidays   

Many home owners find themselves having to place their home on the market during one of the busiest Holiday Season, CHRISTMAS!  For many businesses this happens to be the busiest time of the year.  It's especially true for the Central Florida Real Estate Market, Christmas and New Year's brings in droves of visitors by the millions.  It has been reported that approximately 80 million people, domestic and foreigners alike, make Central Florida their destination point.  While conducting their business or enjoying some personal vacation time many people fall in love with the Sunshine State and can't help but end up house hunting and purchasing a new home or condo for themselves and their families!

Many would-be home sellers think they shouldn't list their property during the holidays. While it may be a pain to keep a home tidy and ready to show during their busiest time of year, there are compelling reasons to market a house in November and December.

For one thing, there are fewer competing properties on the market. Additionally, people looking for a new home during this time of year are serious and committed.

Moreover, the holidays offer an opportunity for sellers to enhance their home's charm. For instance, they can use mistletoe, tinsel and other subtle props to grab prospects' attention; choose color palettes that complement the traditional colors of the season and allow holiday decor to blend in seamlessly.

Traditional Christmas decorations such as metallic gold, silver and bronze design touches can also lighten up dark spaces. And lightly scented holiday soaps, candles and even simmering apple cider can create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Sellers can also use the fireplace to create natural light and an inviting ambiance, and they can play up the home's exterior with holiday lights.

However, sellers must remember to keep it neutral, keeping in mind, for example, that overtly religious themes may turn off some potential homebuyers. 

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