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In the early 1990s The Celebration Company was founded by the Disney Development Company in order to spearhead its latest development: approximately 4,900 acres of swamp land in the southern portion of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Total investment for the project was estimated at a whopping $2.5 billion. Celebration’s Story begins here!

Cooper, Robertson & Partners together with Robert A. M. Stern worked diligently side-by-side in order to create the master plan. The well known San Francisco firm, also known as EDAW, was to be responsible for the extensive landscape, parks, trails and pathways which are a great hit with the residents of Celebration. The theme of their new community was an early 20th century-architectural style. The beautiful green conservation areas were not stripped clear, however the planning commission built around them and incorporated them into the scheme of things. Alligators can still be found in many of the ponds and lakes.

The town of Celebration, Florida was envisioned by it’s creators to be a small, well designed, all-inclusive community, a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. By utilizing their collective ingenuity, foresight and modern technology, the Celebration Company was able to weave together our past, straight through to the present and far into our future. With hard work and creative thinking they built a quaint town that is secretly the envy of major cities throughout the United States.

Celebration is located a mere stone’s throw away from Orlando and one hour away from the soft sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. People from all over the world flock to Central Florida for business and/or vacation, so it comes as no great surprise that many of these visitors ultimately end up in Celebration. Once the Disney-Magic caresses them, they inevitably fall in love with our charming town and the care-free, easy-going lifestyle it affords its residents.

Situated slightly South-West of Orlando, it’s about a 30 minute drive to the Orlando International Airport and about 15 minutes from all the exciting theme parks such as Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios. Their proximity to our picturesque town provides wonderful-spur-of-the-moment day trips or weekend vacations for local residents and our world-wide visitors alike.

Celebration was the brainchild of the late Walt Disney. His life-long dream was to build a community where families could raise their children in safety and he made sure that his young town, which was recently given the honorary title of “The American Dream Town”, was to be a self-contained entity unto itself. His intention was to include everything that would enhance the lives of the number of growing families that were drawn to this new concept. Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Schools, Shops, Restaurants and Businesses, Public Parks and Pools, Churches, a State of the Art Hospital, Golf-Course and even a University were incorporated into his drawings so that the residents would lack for nothing.

Some of America’s most renowned architects and designers breathed life into this exceedingly pleasing mental image of such a desirable place to life. As you stroll through our scenic town, you may notice distinguishing features in the architecture. The marriage of old and new design concepts, as well as the use of a variety of building resources and colors, blend graciously together creating a perfect balance. Celebration is a magical place which holds the gift to transport you back into time, when people lived at a much more genteel pace. Elegant and graceful homes of all shapes and sizes offer a warm and inviting welcome, as their outstretched balconies and porches wrap themselves around the home as if enfolding it in a loving embrace. Their white picket fences stand as silent sentinels holding fast to the secrets of the past while their gates yawn-wide enticing the creation of new and happy memories to enter in.

There was so much interest in Mr. Disney’s town that people who were interested in purchasing a home here, first had to enter a lottery and win before being granted the privilege to do so. The first residents began moving into their new homes in 1997.

Celebration now stands as a strong and vibrant community, where residents play a very important role in its success. Surrounded by many small lakes and lush conservation, this relatively youthful community will withstand the test of time and extend far into the future, as a safe harbor from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.

Originally from Michigan and having traveled and lived throughout Europe for many years, I too wandered into Celebration and fell in love with it. I have now lived and worked here for over 17 years and I am proud to call Celebration home.

If you plan to visit Central Florida in the near future, you may wish to consider taking a one-day tour of Celebration. As you drive slowly through the different villages, you will be amazed at how beautiful the homes are. Notice how well maintained the parks are kept and don’t be shocked when you become aware of how many children actually play outside in the sun and fresh air. The community pools are also a great hit especially in the summer time. The villages are known as: North Village, South Village, West Village and Lake Evalyn, East Village, Artisan Park, Aquila Reserve, Roseville Corner and lastly Celebration Village which encompasses the waterfront pier and The Celebration Hotel, now called The Bohemian Hotel.

Take a leisurely stroll through downtown along the lakefront pier. Discover the intriguing specialty shops which offer great gift ideas, and the excellent restaurants where you can enjoy your favorite food anytime of the day or night. The Celebration Town Tavern, which is situated on Front St. is known for the freshest seafood around, and you may dine outside if you are so inclined. Take pleasure in the fruity bouquet of a glass of fine vintage wine and enjoy the savory fare off the tantalizing menu at the Wine Imperium located on Market St. If Italian cuisine is what you hunger for, then you won’t be disappointed when you patronize D’Antonio’s Café. Looking for a light snack? Try a tasty slice of pizza at Upper Crust or a refreshing ice-cream-cone at Kilwin's.

Century 21 Carioti is located in downtown Celebration at 720 Celebration Ave, right next door to Bank of America. You may wish to wander into our office and ask for a detailed colored map of our great town. If you are interested in viewing any of the  properties for sale that you may have encountered on your tour, please be so kind and ask for me by name. It would be an honor to guide you through Celebration and introduce you to a whole new way of life.

Thank you posthumously to Mr. Walt Disney and to everyone who helped design and create the beautiful town of Celebration.
Home Is Where Your Heart Is, and My Heart Is Happy in Celebration.

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