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There are quite a few neighborhoods/villages in the charming quaint town of Celebration Fl.  Each one is unique unto itself, affording its residents everything they’re looking for in a new home, condo and neighborhood. The late Walt Disney had a dream, a vision of a town which was to be self-contained and all inclusive. He made sure that Celebration Florida had whatever was required to make his beloved town function at the highest level imaginable.

He thought of everything and he made absolutely certain that Celebration had the important resources it needed in order to provide the residents with a very unique and peaceful life-style. A beautiful place to live, work and relax, to raise a family in peace and harmony. He also included special things which would appeal to the inner person of those who call Celebration FL. home, for humans as well as the wildlife.

The town of Celebration celebrates life in all forms and everything it has to offer. This old fashioned town plans and hosts many annual events which provide fun and exciting times for one and all. Serene moments, such as sitting on the soft freshly mowed green grass in the parks, having a picnic with family and friends, watching a Little Leage Baseball Game in one of the public parks, enjoying a quiet walk on a peaceful and secluded pathway, even sitting on your front porch watching your children playing on the front lawn, these scenarios are not hard to find in Celebration.

There’s an old addage that says “ it takes a whole village to raise a child”. Celebration has 8 such villages, could this be what the great late Walt Disney had in mind?

The Village of Artisan Park was developed by Arvida/St. Joe, it was the final phase to be built. You won’t find road signs indicating “this way to Artisan Park, or turn here to West Village”, because Celebration is not big on directional signage. You can’t miss it if you go West on Celebration Ave, it leads you right to it. Celebration Ave originates off of 192, meanders all the way through the very heart of downtown, from one end of the town to the other end. You drive past West Village on the right and Lake Evalyn on the left and if you keep on going, you will come to the end of it at Stonecutter Dr. in Artisan Park.

As you cross over a small bridge, which is the only entrance and exit into or out of Artisan Park, you’ll see a very small sign, made of blue and yellow mosaic tiles, indicating you have just found what you’re looking for. It’s as far away as you can get from downtown Celebration, about 45 minutes or so if you’re hoofing it. It is quite secluded. There’s a beautiful community center, an exercise gymnasium and a gorgeous heated pool, but only Artisan Park homeowners and their tenants are allowed access, and each must pay a separate fee for the priviledge to do so. Even the names of the streets speak of exclusivity, as they are all named after skilled craftsmen such Stonecutter, Tapestry, Ironsmith etc. Artisan Park has multi-storied condominium buildings with elevators and also elegant single family homes. Some of the properties overlook beautiful lakes or small ponds and lush green conservation abounds.

North Village is tucked away neatly in the far northeast corner of town, as far away as one can get from Artisan Park without leaving the town of Celebration. It is the largest single village and it also boasts a large community pool and even an open air pavillion. There are two playing fields, one at either end of the complex. As you wander through the park, you can kick back and relax on the wooden chairs, take your shoes off and enjoy the scenic surroundings, heck, there’s even a golf course, if your so inclined.

North Village is just stone’s throw away from the mega-tourist strip, 192, with easy access to 417 and I-4. As you drive out of Celebration to get to 192, you’ll find a small strip mall called Water Tower Place. You can’t miss it because there’s a very tall, bright yellow water tower and you can use it as a landmark while driving on 192, it lets you know you’re getting close to Celebration. It features a brand new Publix grocery store, a gas station, restaurants such as Joe’s Crab Shack, and even a hardware store. Old Town is on 192, which puts it in close proximity with the residents of North Village. The attractions include a 300 foot tall slingshot chair, a 300 foot tall swing tower with flashing bright neon lights which can be seen from miles away. Some North Village residents say they can hear the noise of the people and the traffic, so you may wish to research this on your own, if you’re thinking about purchasing here.

North Village is mostly a residential area, however, there are some local businesses in the general area. It’s a good distance from downtown, but when the weather is beautiful, many people get their exercise by walking or riding their bikes to back and forth. Besides being convenient to major streets and expressways, North Village is also close to the Celebration Health Hospital, its Fitness Center and many Professional Offices, as well as the Mona Lisa Condo/Hotel. For the Celebration residents who work there, the commute isn’t worth mentioning, many of them walk or even ride their bikes.

Celebration Village and West Village Celebration Village (also called Main Village) and West Village are adjacent to one another. Combined, they encompass the entire downtown area. Visit the Farmer’s Market on Market Street, or wandethrough the boutique shops and enjoy browsing and window shopping. Celebration GradeSchool is located in West Village, and is on the right hand side of Celebration Ave as you head into town. Westpark, Starling, Trumpet, Nadine, Canne and a portion of Greenbrier, are names of streets in West Village. Many streets in the town of Celebration end in cul-de-sacs, affording those residents a more serene area, and on any given day, one can see children playing in the parks or riding their bikes, without having to worry about too much traffic.

There’s a beautiful Golf Course Club House in Celebration Village, however, West Village boasts plenty of golf course frontage. Celebration Village was built first and West Village was became known as Phase 2. The residents who live here find it extremely convenient, to be able to walk to all the fun and activities. Parking is at a premium in downtown Celebration, even on a slow day, so being able to get there on foot is an added bonus to living there. This is one of the main reasons people seek this area out when purchasing a new home or condo.

Lakeside Park is located downtown, and this too has a heated swimming pool. The residents in Celebration FL. can use any village pool, except of course for the pool in Artisan Park. There’s a nice playground and plenty of places to sit and relax. Celebration Village also features a ”small business district” The majority of the businesses are real estate offices, but there are a few others, such as doctor offices and architectural firms. When you’re downtown, relax on the wooden rocking chairs which are situated on the pier by the water. Enjoy your favorite hot or cold drink from Starbucks, or walk to the Celebration Bohemian Hotel for a leisurely lunch.

Lake Evalyn is a picturesque village, just beyond the downtown area and is kind of hidden behind a reddish brown brick wall which denotes the entrance way. It’s on the left hand side of Celebration Ave, in close proximity to the grade school, so if you have young school children and enjoy walking, this neighborhood is convenient to both.

Lake Evalyn was named after the lake which fronts some of Celebration’s most desirable home sites, however, it does not have a community pool. Residents generally use the community pools at LakesidePark and Spring Park. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful walking path, which leads to downtown, mere minutes away by foot. Ride your bikes or take a leisurely stroll along the lake and feed the ducks and cranes. You may also see an aligator or two.

The homes are quite large, so it leaves little room for backyards. Even so, it’s a beautiful village, one that allows people to live near downtown without being in the middle of tourist and traffic.

South Village Keep going on Celebration Ave. and you will come to South Village, which is on your right. You’ll know you found it, when you see Spring Park, which also features a heated community pool. This village is a little farther from downtown, but you can still make it if you enjoy walking. It’s a very nice area, mostly residential and the architecture of the homes vary considerably.

Looking for a shortcut into town? There’s a “back entrance” into town by using Waterside Street. This leads you to Celebration Boulevard, and World Drive takes you to to Disney World without encountering major traffic problems.

Roseville Corner is adjacent to East Village. It’s very residential, with a collection of single family bungalow homes, duplexes and even triplexes. Many single family homes actually look out onto the lush conservation. It’s a very pleasant area with easy access to the East Village community pool. Many Roseville Corner residents simply walk to the pool. The distance from downtown helps eliminate tourists crowds and traffic.

East Village is a quiet area and you can arrive at East Village by using a couple of different routes. Try turning left, just past Lake Evalyn, or go left on the last street prior to entering Artisan Park. The residents there enjoy a small community pool. Due to the location of East Village, there’s hardly any traffic, nor is the pool overrun by residents and tourists alike. It is very private and rather secluded. Take a 20 minute hike on the path that connects with the Lake Evalyn walkway, and you’ll find yourself downtown.

Aquila Reserve is a little more complicated to get to. Turn left on Celebration Avenue and continue on for a little while. You will drive through parts of East Village and then find a turnoff for Aquila Reserve on your right. It’s truly a beautiful neighborhood, surrounded by lush conservation and a big lake, which is ringed by a walking path. It’s a great place for walking or riding a bike.

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