10 ‘simple extras’ that help sell a house or condo in Central Florida

So you've decided to put your home or condo on the market for sale.  Your next step should be locating and hiring a residential real estate professional Realtor® who will take the necessary and important steps of marketing your property for a quick and hopefully a profitable sale.  So far so good....but don't stop there as you still have some minor details to take care of in order to make your property desirable to all future qualified buyers.  Here are some easy extras to help you prepare your home or condo before placing it on the market.


1.  Fresh Exterior Paint.  Take a good look at the exterior of your home.  If the paint looks worn or is flaking off you should consider repainting the entire exterior of your home.  Don't forget to include all the trim and fascia.  While you're at it consider applying a fresh coat of paint to the interior as well.  Buyers love it when the house or condo have been well maintained and cared for.


2.  New Carpet.  All buyers despise old or worn carpet. If you compare a Fannie Mae HomePath listing and a HUD listing you will notice that every HomePath listing has new carpet and has been freshly painted inside and out.  HUD listings are very often abused or neglected homes that need a lot of renovation prior to being placed on the market.  Once Fannie Mae makes the necessary repairs and renovations they are quickly selling the properties and obtaining a premium on the closing market.  There's no reason you can't expect the same results if you make the desired repairs prior to placing your home on the market for sale.


3.  Remove All Wallpaper:  Wallpaper really outdates the home and should be completely removed.  Granted it's a real chore to tear it all down, clean and repair all the walls and apply a fresh clean coat of paint.  Today buyers cringe when they see wallpaper so it would make your home more desirable if it just had fresh paint.


4.  Turn Up The Lights!  If possible use High-Wattage bulbs in your home to brighten it up for sale.  It helps to define everything it lights up.  Dimly lit rooms are not as appealing as one that has a lot of natural or artificial lighting.


5.  Vacuum Air Vents and Change Air Filters:  Whether or not you have pets in the home it is advisable to vacuum all the air vents in the house as well as change out the air filters in the furnace / air conditioner.  Not only does it make the house look and smell better but it can definitely have an adverse affect on the quality of the air flow in the home.


6.  Remove/Clean Litter Boxes and Smelly Dog Beds:  Nothing kills the sale of a house or condo as much as the smell of pets or smoking for that matter.  Provide a brand new cat box and clean it as often as possible to eliminate odors.  Washing the walls and cleaning/replacing carpet will do a lot to enhance the sale of your home.  Check to make sure that your dog has not used the door jams to chew on or that your cat has not used them as a scratching post.  If they have been pet damaged consider replacing them prior to putting the property on the market.


7.  Interior Fresh Paint:  Consider painting the interior of your home in a neutral color, don't use more than two different colors in any room and make sure all baseboards and crown molding have been given a fresh coat of white paint.  Darker colors make every room look smaller than it really is and white paint helps make the rooms appear larger and very clean.  Remember neutral colors and freshly painted rooms will help you sell your property a lot faster than if left unattended.


8. Pressure Wash Outside:  Pressure wash the entire exterior of your home and garage.  You may want to do this prior to painting, however, if you're not going to paint the outside, pressure washing will help brighten up the exterior.  Consider using the pressure washer on the inside of your garage and on the garage floor, on your porches, fences, lawn furniture and anything else that is open to all the outside elements.  With all the mold that we have in Central Florida due to the heavy rains and extreme humidity, pressure washing will get rid of the terrible stains and smell that accompany the black mold on the sidewalks etc.


9.  Repair or Replace Rain Gutters:  If you have rain gutters now would be a good time to thoroughly clean out all the debris and make sure they are in good repair.  Broken or leaking gutters can severely damage the foundation of your home as it allows excess rain water to fall and collect next to the foundation.  Make sure the gutters are firmly attached and that the excess rain water is directed away from the base of your home.  Don't forget to paint them when you're painting the exterior of your home.


10.  Curb Appeal:  Curb appeal is very important to a buyer.  They don't want to see a front lawn which has been neglected and is covered with used furniture and old appliances.  Make sure your front and back lawns are completely clear of trash.  Trim and replace dead shrubs and trees, plant some pretty colored flowers in the flower beds, keep children's toys picked up.  If you are lucky enough to have a pool and or spa, make sure that the pool equipment is working properly as this will be discovered in the home inspection and quite possibly in any bank appraisal.  Make sure the pool and spa are sparkling clean and in good repair.


I have worked with many Central Florida Sellers and I would welcome the opportunity to work with you in the marketing and selling of your Celebration, Kissimmee or Orlando Florida residential property.